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Shobhana Beautiful- radiant body and behavior sensualist, passionate with sex.

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Atiganda: Danger- problematic life due to many difficulties and accidents; unforgiving and annoyed 7. Sukarma: Plentiful- performs honorable activities, generous and benevolent, prosperous.


Dhriti: Enjoyment- enjoys the prosperity, goods and life-partners of others; pampers in the friendliness of others. Shoola: Argumentative- argumentative and conflicting, argumentative, angry.


Ganda: Worrying- imperfect ethics or principles, worrying personality Vriddhi: Perspicacity- intellectual, unscrupulous and discriminating; life constantly progresses with age. Dhruva: Persistent, Dependable- stable personality, able to focus and persevere, rich Vyaghaata: Violent- unkind, determined by hurting others Harshana: Pleasure, Blissful- intellectual, pleasures in cheerfulness and funniness.

Vajra: Power Burst- wealthy, lascivious, changeable, forceful. Siddhi: Victory- clever and talented in several areas; defender and follower of others.

Vyatipaata: Difficulty- inclined to unexpected mishaps and setbacks, fickle and untrustworthy. Variyaana: luxurious comfort- loves comfort and amenity, lazy, lascivious.

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Parigha: Hindrance- encounters many problems to develop in life; short-tempered and interfering. Shiva: Benevolent- pleased by seniors and government, calm, learned and spiritual, wealthy Siddha: Talented- helpful personality, pleasing nature, interest in customary and holiness Saaddhya: Mediation- well conduct yourself, accomplished manners and politeness.

Shubha: Favorable- lustrous body and character, but difficulties with health; well-off, short-tempered. Shukla: Bright focus- talkative and unreliable, annoyed and thoughtless; tottering and changeable mind SIVA Auspicious — honored by superiors and government, placid, learned and religious, wealthy. There are four Fixed Karanas and they occur only once in a month.


Panchang Yog

There are seven Moveable Recurring Karanas and they occur eight times during the lunar month. Shakuni : The person of this Karana will be calm, composed, intelligent, gifted with intuition and full of good deeds.

Its ruling deity is Garuda eagle. Shakuni Karana falling in the night in the 14th day of the dark moon is suitable for hold-ups, committing theft and the like crimes, driving away enemies and soldiers, taming birds, starting medication and all kinds of war operations.

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Chatushpada : The person of this Karana will do independent business, take great pains in work and will be truthful. Its ruling deity is Vrishabha Bull. This Karana falling on Amavasya New Moon is suitable for vanquishing enemies through Tantric methods. It gives success in all business related to four footed animals, particularly cattle.

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Shraddha and Tarpanam work done in this karana also gives quite good results. Naga : The person of this Karana will be a specialist and successful in professions connected with minerals. Will be of good character and capable of mesmerizing and catching snakes.

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