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Already this year more than , hectares have been burnt which is three times as much as was destroyed all of last fire season. An extreme and persistent drought has left much of the region tinder-dry. That combined with temperatures in the high 30s and strong winds make it especially dangerous. The Australia chart did have the July Cancer Solar Eclipse opposition the AU Sun Saturn in Capricorn which does suggest critical challenges in the following months; and that eclipse located to Sydney does have an amplifying Jupiter on the Descendant.

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The AU country chart looks accident-prone and aggravated from mid , on and off till with first tr Uranus and then tr Pluto hitting on Mars midpoints. The Bank of Australia 14 January chart indicates major pressure through with tr Pluto conjunct the Sun, high hopes not working out in ; and devastating confusion by with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Neptune.

It may not be a repeat of fire risk in future years. Often before a period of forced transition for a country there is a disaster at the start which symbolises the changes to come. First the ashes then the phoenix.

So however much upheaval Brexit causes short and long-term there will be a sigh of relief in certain quarters. If and when the deed is ever done, it may throw more of a spanner in the works than is obvious at the moment. The composite Mars is a peculiarly sensitive spot on this relationship chart having been under severe challenges in the run up to World War 11 with tr Pluto in Cancer also square the Mars; and undermined for the start of World War 1 when tr Neptune was square the Mars. If anything it may open up major cracks and fissures. In adult life she continued to support her extended family.

And in her second marriage to Blake Edwards she had to cope with his moody depression and prescription pill addiction, cope with his unstable ex-wife and his children as well as raise two adopted children and her daughter. All in the midst of a punishingly busy career. Born 1 October 6am Walton-on-Thames, England, she has a bouncy first house Libra Sun giving her that cool, crisp and forceful persona, backed up by a lively Mars in Sagittarius in the 3 rd.

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And what gives her discipline and reflects the harsh conditions of her childhood is Saturn in Pisces opposition Venus in Virgo in the 12 th conjunct Neptune and square Mars. She would feel unloved and lose herself in her creativity and helping others as well as staying exceptionally busy. A focal point Mutable Mars can be disorganised and scattered but a constantly changing career would soak up much of that. But tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter for another year will help to keep her enthusiasm high. Petite, mischievous and renowned for her eccentric fashion style when off set, actress Helena Bonham Carter, has been grabbing audiences and awards for an astonishing three decades.

Her father was a merchant banker and her mother is a psychotherapist. She was involved with actor Kenneth Branagh at one point and then moved into a long relationship with director Tim Burton with whom she had two children. She has a Sun Mercury in Gemini so will have communication abilities; with a determined and showbizzy Mars in Taurus opposition Neptune square an entertaining Leo Moon. She definitely needs an audience with a focal point Moon.

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So quite a mix of fun loving and sombre, fixed and scattered. Princess Margaret whom she evidently plays exceptionally well, 21 August 9. His concern is that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are not up to defeating Trump. Bloomberg is a divisive figure not least because of his conspicuous wealth and he would be a disruptive influence on the already overcrowded field, being a centrist and former Republican.

Although no corruption has been proved, the optics are bad. Mike Bloomberg, 14 February 3. He does have tr Uranus square his Pluto now suggesting a turnaround or upheaval and that repeats into early Which was the faint hope in Thailand two years back when Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn moved closer to replacing his revered, steady-hand-on-the-tiller father who had reigned for seven decades.

Maha, 28 July 5. Since being crowned on 4 May this year he has done nothing to dispel doubts about his suitability for the role — firing aide after aide as well as his much publicized consort for scheming against his fourth wife; as well as putting himself in charge of the multi-billion pound Crown Property Bureau, and assigning military troops to his Royal corps.

Monkey can be passionately in love with Rat. The Dragon can become be a good companion for Rat. The Dragon can enrich and empower the Rat. Horse and Rat have a fighting relationship in Chinese Horoscopes. The Horse will have constant conflicts with the Rat. The next incompatible Zodiac symbols are Sheep, Rabbit, and Chicken.

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Rat and Sheep won't be pleasure in relationships related to in-laws. Rat gives too much love and unnecessary attention to Rabbit. Rabbit is tender grass and hard to survive under the cold water of Rat. Rat needs to please the pretty Chicken very hard. That's depending on the Rat's personality. If zodiac Rat with strong personality likes to pursue an ideal career, then the career choices are civil engineering, real estate, construction, mining, land survey, land affairs, land development farming, raising livestock, real estate construction or sales, building material, interior design, exterior design, landscaping, nursery, gardening, porcelain, glass making, demolition, warehousing, track racing sports, rock climbing, funeral services, recycle, etc.

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If zodiac Rat with strong personality likes to pursue wealth, then the career choices are thermal power, solar energy, electric engineering, nuclear power, military industry, firework, gas company, battery, stove, restaurant, hot pot dinner, bakery, cooking, spice food, beauty salon, hot yoga, electronic, computer, laser, fuel, cigarette, welding, etc. If zodiac Rat has a weak personality, then mechanic engineering, electric engineering, computer hardware, machinery, manufacture, transportation equipment automobile, ship, bike, etc.

Another approach to look for the ideal career is using the Lucky Element in the Chinese astrology Birth Chart. A better career is the job characteristics connect to the characteristics of the Lucky Element. Lucky Element can complement your strengths and weakness during career development. Lucky Element brings good career opportunities to you and helps you to accept and conquer the challenges. A promising and remarkable career will come after. Male is connected to weapon, sword, minerals, strong wind, storm, hurricane, speed and execution.

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Rat is in the Water group. Rat contains Yin Water. Metal Golden Rat is armored Rat. Yin Water is rain. The Metal of Rat is the strong wind. Metal Rat is the sign of a heavy rainstorm. The characteristics of Metal Rat are bold, aggressive, talented, witty, eloquent, tactical and creative.

Metal Rat is good at expression, speech, distinguish opinions, influencing people's minds. The Zodiac Metal Rat will prone to stress and fear, and can become short-tempered. Metal Rat may have a difficult and challenging childhood or young adulthood, so it should avoid living alone and away from family. The Zodiac Metal Rat will be more successful in small business.

It's over-ambitious will cause too much stress and lead to failure. Metal Rat should set realistic goals and work hard. The Zodiac Metal Rat may be difficult to become independent. Metal Rat will live happier if marry an older and more mature person.

Chinese Calendar of January 1947

For a man, he should marry a woman older than him. For a woman, she should marry a man at least 7 years older.

If too close in age, they tend to argue often or become depressed. The Zodiac Metal Rat will always be constrained by a significant person in life, such as your parents when you are young, spouse after marriage, your children after they are grown, or boss at work.

february 4 2020 astrology star of david February 4 2020 astrology star of david
february 4 2020 astrology star of david February 4 2020 astrology star of david
february 4 2020 astrology star of david February 4 2020 astrology star of david
february 4 2020 astrology star of david February 4 2020 astrology star of david
february 4 2020 astrology star of david February 4 2020 astrology star of david
february 4 2020 astrology star of david February 4 2020 astrology star of david

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