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Family news will be wonderful, too! Home and hearth will glow just in time for the holidays. The big news of the month is the arrival of Jupiter to water sign Scorpio, a sign that will blend beautifully with your earth sign Virgo. Jupiter has not been in Scorpio since October through November , so this trend will feel new and exciting to you. In a water sign, Jupiter can support your ambitions in a much more powerful way than Jupiter could over the past several years.

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Jupiter will stay until November 8th, —a full ten months. The house Jupiter will fill with golden light will be your solar third house, known to be the hub in a chart for communication arts. The ancient astrologers felt the ability to convey thoughts in an organized, moving way was such an important facet of a person that they gave communication its own house of the horoscope. Jupiter's arrival to your third house is such good news for you because Virgo is known to be talented in this area. In fact, Virgo produces some of the Zodiac's best authors, editors, public speakers, translators, and software engineers where the code has to be perfect in every way to work.

You will have the platform you need to express your thoughts and have them be well received by your intended audience. The opportunities will be there for you to blossom. If there were ever a time to send a query letter to an editor about your story idea or to hire an agent to represent your book idea, this is the time to do it.

If you are in sales and in truth, everyone sells , you will be quite persuasive and find you can more easily bring in the order. Jupiter is not only associated with luck but also with financial bounty. Indeed, if you work in sales, marketing, public relations, advertising copy, app development, or other communication-oriented fields, your possibilities will be nearly endless. If you work in the transportation, shipping, courier, or travel industries, business will be brisk, too. In the coming ten months, which is most of , you will have a chance to show off your abilities in communication.

Jupiter, as the good fortune planet, will expand all that it touches, so you will have opportunity to increase your sophistication in this arena. You may get your own blog or website, build a successful app, or write a novel that becomes a best-seller. If you always have written the company newsletter, you may be asked by the boss to go on television to be the company spokesperson. You may get your chance to make your own podcast series or radio show. If you work in advertising, you may create an award-winning campaign.

So much of the world spins on fine communication.

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Indeed, you will be valued for your talents and given a bigger stage in the future. If you feel you are not talented enough in writing, editing, or speaking, you can take continuing education courses this year to polish your performance. It would be worth doing so, for the potential for success is so strong. When Jupiter leaves Scorpio, this bountiful planet will move into Sagittarius and help you feather your nest. It will be a glorious time to buy, sell, rent, renovate, decorate, or do anything connected with property. Home and hearth will glow with a warm and cozy feeling just in time for the year-end holidays.

What a perfect way to end the year! Libra is a very social sign—you seem to know everyone, and certainly everyone wants to know you! This sign rules marriage so, not surprisingly, Libra is always happiest when coupled up. You believe in the sacredness of marriage, and you enjoy playing matchmaker to others—not only for romantic purposes, but in business, too.

Your instincts are remarkably correct. Your family has told you that you can be strong-willed at times, but you exert your opinions in a kind and subtle way. Few can resist your charms. You love to debate different concepts and modern issues, and for that reason many Libras become lawyers or judges. Last year you were the celestial favorite. During that time, you planted seeds.

Now, Jupiter moves to your second house of earned income, and you will see the fruits of your labor. Jupiter will be on a mission to see that you get paid generously. You might want to investigate a new job or talk to your boss about a raise in May. You also may spend money on something expensive—a car, a piece of art or jewelry, new electronics, a house—or rather than buying something,get a massage and go home feeling like royalty.

Remember, the money you receive will involve an initiation from you, so don't go and buy lotto tickets. You will earn your cash, which is good news, for no one can say you don't deserve it.

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Last year you were the celestial favorite for a span of thirteen months, starting back in September , for Jupiter, the good fortune planet, was in Libra. During that time, you may not have noticed that you were wearing the crown and being protected more than any other sign. The reason is that often during those rare, once-in-twelve-year periods when Jupiter tours your sign, you are busy planting seeds that you don't realize your life is changing, growing, and about to enter a new profitable phase.

Now, you will be able to take stock and make plans. You have planted the seeds, and now, in the next gestation of Jupiter's cycle, you will see buds coming up in your garden. On October 10th, , you transferred your crown to Scorpio as the celestial favorite, and as Jupiter moves to your second house of earned income until November 8th, , you are about to see the fruits of your labors. This is wonderful news, for Jupiter will be on a mission to see that you get paid generously for your talents, experience, and good judgment.

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You will get several opportunities throughout the year to do so and climb higher. Chances are you will like the assignments you work on. It's been years since you've hosted Jupiter into your second house of earned income—not since October through November It's been so long that no doubt the luck you will feel will seem new and perhaps even surprising. Your moneymaking trend will continue for a long time—almost a year—so you will have plenty of time to make money from several sources.

Jupiter will cooperate with Pluto this year Pluto is based in your home and property sector , so you may easily make money from real estate.