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Today's Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222

We may be working under stressful or hectic conditions, as we feel pressure to get things done quickly. We are inclined to be snappy and irritable, and we may too easily interrupt others rather than listen. Conflicts of interest are likely. Mercury square Jupiter. Information overload is possible today. It is all too easy to miss or neglect important details. We may exaggerate, have a hard time putting our ideas to practical use, or overstate under this influence.

Leo Weekly Horoscope from 17th February 2014

This is an unfavorable transit for travel. Our ideas and plans may be too grandiose just now.

Daily Horoscope: February 17, 12222

We could have a hard time convincing others of our point of view, and we could too easily jump to conclusions. There could be a lot of talk about nothing. Lack of clear mental focus, but we may make measurable progress if we can concentrate. Venus conjunct Pluto. We have the power of attraction at our disposal. Passions are strong and intense.

This is a time when we can be focused and confident, especially when it comes to handling business and finances, as well as with regards to love and partnership. Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Although we may have much enthusiasm for life and for new projects, over-confidence and over-estimation of what we can do is likely. We are ready and willing to fight for our beliefs. We may be excitable and competitive. Jumping ahead without considering the consequences can be costly. Mercury sextile Pluto.

Sun enters Sagittarius

We possess more insight and psychological understanding than usual. We are willing to look beyond the surface of things and investigate further. Perhaps more importantly, we are more patient and strategic in our decision-making. See below for day-by-day forecasts and planets in signs.

See also Transit to Transit aspects. See also: Astrology of Today — an overview of the day — Astrology Cafe. See also the new Astrology Trends Calendar that includes these daily trends overviews and other astrological events such as ingresses, stations, and lunations. The Sun is heading towards a sextile to Uranus, exact early tomorrow, and this aspect serves to stimulate our willingness to adapt to new circumstances, ideas, and unfamiliar situations.

Group connections can be enlightening. We might arrive at creative solutions to problems and make positive changes now. When it comes to finances and relationships, we may need to limit a pleasure or indulgence or sacrifice a material benefit for a spiritual one or vice versa. Extravagances have a way of catching up with us and buckling down is necessary, but we generally feel good about making a mature choice now.

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We may be experiencing a new sense of realism in our relationships. This can also be a time for bonding more strongly with loved ones through the sharing of a responsibility, concern, or dilemma. Chiron enters Aries today, where it will transit until Personal and health problems or body image issues that have held us back come up for review.

This transit emphasizes the concept that healing begins within oneself.

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Chiron entered Aries in April before returning to complete its transit of Pisces from September 25th, , to today. As well today, the Sun enters Pisces where it will spend the coming month. Its shadow side involves self-pity, a feeling of being victimized by life, passivity, and avoidance. As the day advances, however, we head towards a Mercury-Neptune alignment, which has an entirely different flavor!

We should avoid allowing wishful thinking to dictate our decisions. The Full Moon is an eyes-wide-open influence, particularly related to our health, work, services, habits, and routines. Today, our intuition runs unusually high, and we can readily apply this increased sensitivity to our pursuits in practical ways. Advances in intellectual and mental pursuits are likely, as we make steady progress that has long-lasting results.

These can take the form of self-doubt and difficulties satisfying the ego. Gratitude may not be forthcoming right now, but this teaches us to look for the intrinsic rewards for our actions. The Moon continues its transit of Virgo all day, harmonizing with Saturn, Venus, and Pluto, all of which are currently in Capricorn. The Libra Moon attempts to strike a compromise and find a point of balance, but we can do some see-sawing in the process. As the day advances, there can be some nervous tension and perhaps argumentativeness.

There can be abrupt interruptions, snappiness, and irritability. A square between Mercury and Jupiter today can incline us to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion. We may have a hard time putting our ideas to practical use, or we might overstate under this influence. We could have a hard time convincing others of our point of view, and we could too quickly jump to conclusions. A Venus-Pluto alignment suggests getting beyond an obstacle. Our feelings are intense, and we have the power of attraction at our disposal. There is a tendency to want—and to demand—more than usual from a partnership or friendship.

The Moon continues its transit of relationship-focused Libra until AM EST, after which it transits discerning, passionate, and perceptive Scorpio.

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The Mercury-Pluto sextile is similarly intense in a productive way as it encourages us to get to the root of a problem. Deep insight happening now helps us to make better choices. Conversations are probing, investigative, and meaningful. Also today, a Mars-Jupiter sesqui-square suggests some agitation and competitive feelings that can either spur us on to make improvements or distract us.

Enthusiasm and motivation can be wonderful now if we know where to channel excess energy, but over-confidence and over-estimation of what we are capable of doing may lead to poor decisions or regrettable actions.

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The restlessness of the Gemini Moon gives way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet. A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us under this influence. The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign. This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular by nature, our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us. The Moon in Cancer generally favors the following activities: Domestic activities, those that involve awareness of personal needs.

Home decor, family get-togethers. The Moon in Leo speaks to our "inner child". It's a warm, generous, whole-heartedly loving position.

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Pride keeps us from pettiness, but it can also prevent us from opening up and revealing how we are truly feeling. We are on stage, our feelings are grand, and we appreciate some drama in our lives. We are easily threatened by anything that seems to be impersonal. This is a time when we seek attention--when we want to stand out for our special qualities. It's a strong time for romance and any creative activity as well.

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